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The subway was crowded as usual in the morning rush hour. The passengers were tight louder and louder as the train stopped at stations and in the car. The man had seen humoron the young man to board the train, if he did, and he n ow was pressed close to her as the train lurched and fell to next season. More people crammed into the car, and humoron when the train started with a jolt, threw them all together. He was tempted to mutter an apology, as he was catapulted to against the young, but no one interfered with humoron the rule. It was the custom discomfort in passenger travel in the early morning. She turned and looked only then looked again. He caught the scent of her perfume humoron and turned. is tempting. The train lurched again and again contacted. He believed that this time, deliberately pushed against him again...... or do you have? It was just his imagination? His next stop was the train stopped. They received humoron fromf, and went before him a along the platform. Once paused to turn his head and realized Verify that, if he was there. Reduced his pace and followed his a along, where a poorly lit, surprise humoron station platform into the street. A character of It is known that the door was there, 'only to the staff. ' He became the alley. that continued. He leaned against the tiled wall street in the door staff and if excitedly approached her short skirt to her waist. He paused and looked exposed her soft white thighs above the tops of their stayups. She looked bravely return to him when he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed down. He stared at the hairy triangle between her thighs as she began to stroke own. What should I do? There was another train at the station, followed by the sound of heels tapping on the pavement hard. Passengers rushed to their jobs and not anter the dimly lit alley. She felt her place as wife cock s spread her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy. He approached them as it was before her, threw her arms around the neck of his s and pulled it between her thighs. He buried his face in his neck back and smelled her perfume n seductive. As we nibbled and kissed her he felt her hand between humoron his rank the legs and push the eggs humoron and the growing bulge of his swollen cock. finger cleverly opened it and slipped into his pants. She raised his cock thickening of n his clothes, and they quickly pushed to the ground. His hand pushed between his legs and slid his cock along her slit wet and hot. She was ready to fuck, from its slot was hot and wet pussy while stroking his dick between her pouty lips - lips. He bent his knees and leaned his body up, as he pressed on his head. two cry sounded louder than its container hot, slippery was then hit the wall hardwhen he started violently pushed into it. Another train arrived and gasps and groans were heard by one or two passengers pause to locate the noise. One or two young men stopped and looked with amused smile on their faces to see the fucking couple. Others, especially older the woman chuckled and hurried on. Gradually, a small crowd had gathered at the entrance to in the street and saw the woman lifted her leg around the hip as the support of his ass right humoron in your hands. The up and down his hard cock as she closed her legs around him and answered his blows with blows of his property. One or two of the audience began calling words of encouragement as they were watching the sex and the screen is just a hard lump in the pants of heterosexual men. The pair were blind to the spectators, at the insistence of the words reached his ears. women s turned his head and smiled wide, as the man kept fucking her, intent only now in the launch of itsTo accept the burden on humoron your body warm. He was pumping hard and shot its heavy load on it with a gasp of triumph. A little later he moved to him and wiped his cock in her underwear, while the number of abortions. pulled her skirt and panties took it, put in your bag. when walking on wobbly legs, shapely, turned, said, 'Ugh, I liked that, dear ! Home late tonight, true, right? Want much more of it yet!' He returned smile to his wife when he said : 'Well, my dear........ I will keep the page and something else'
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